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Alive Wellness Clinics

Branding, Print Design, Space Graphics,

Website and

Social Media Marketing

Initially known as ‘Skin Alive’, the brand approached us for a rebranding program wherein, it foresaw itself as creating 1 parent brand and 4 sub-brands under its label.

At Socioar, we aimed at making a

360 degree change in their brand positioning, logo, re-branding, and defining a fresh and modern tonality to engage a large consumer base.

We aimed at revamping the whole look and feel of the parent brand and renamed it Alive Wellness Clinics while defining its visual image with utmost precision and premium recognition.

The 4 sub-brands: Skin Alive, Body Alive, Hair Alive and Nutri Alive were also given their own distinctive identities with color play all along

The flower in the logo was crafted out of elements that pertained to the ethos of the brand i.e. 360 degree wellness, better living through science, and patient-centric care. But to distinctly decipher the main brand logo, an ombre gradient of all the 4 sub-brands was represented therein.

Socioar also decoded the social media strategy and presented them in a whole new avatar.

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