Rise Of Inbound Marketing In India: Recent Campaigns That Suggest Inbound Is Here To Stay

“A holistic marketing strategy that focuses on attracting customers through relevant content and adding value at every stage in your customer’s buying journey.

Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing does not need to fight for potential customers’ attention. By creating content designed to address the problems and needs of your ideal customers, you attract qualified prospects, and build trust and credibility for your business.” – HubSpot Inc.

Simply put, inbound marketing is about educating, advising and counselling your prospects instead of trying to sell to them. It is a form of advertising that engages consumers by appealing to their interests, instead of merely shoving ads in their face.

The concept of inbound marketing wasn’t born until 2005, after the phrase was coined by HubSpot’s Brian Halligan, co-founder and CEO of the popular inbound marketing software. Though initially, it was a slow crawl, ‘inbound marketing’ started to become an important buzzword in the marketing industry by 2007. By 2012, it became a familiar marketing concept, and several brands started approaching marketing in an inbound fashion. Though inbound marketing was initially a phenomenon only in the western countries, several brands and companies in India have now also begun investing in inbound marketing campaigns.

In today’s increasingly wide digital world, consumers are constantly subjected to data and information from various sources and brands, leading to an information overload. When consumers are subjected to information daily, a lot of brand stories tend to go unnoticed. The sheer volume of poorly executed brand content and ad campaigns results in partial reading and banner blindness.

Thus, to ensure that your brand’s story reaches to your target customer, it is vital to enable your brand to be found by customers with the help of an inbound marketing strategy. Running an inbound marketing campaign includes executing multiple creative tasks under one consumer-driven strategy.


  • Builds trust with customers: Consumers like the idea of choosing what they want without having someone forcing something down their throat at every turn. Inbound marketing establishes marketers and brands as trusted sources of information, rather than pushy and sale-focused entities.
  • Helps target and nurture the right kind of leads: The goal of inbound marketing is to provide current, relevant and quality content in different forms to your targeted audience. Inbound marketing enables your brand to be discovered organically by creating content about your consumer’s needs. When targeted to the right audience, needs to translate into sales.
  • Creates a lasting impression: When customers are provided with content they want to see, they register information being supplied to them. Inbound marketing gives people information that is relevant to them, without any interruptions. Inbound content is highly valuable, and thus creates a lasting impression in the minds of customers who will want to buy your products and services.


Regularly offering a wide variety of blog posts and informative videos, the e-commerce website consistently adopts inbound marketing tactics to connect with its audience. Apart from building the brand as a whole, Flipkart also focuses on each segment and products that they sell. To stay relevant to its audience, the brand also manages separate pages for its various customer segments.

With a marketing strategy that aims at educating customers about various beauty products, Nykaa runs an active beauty advice blog. Ranging from expert advice to knowledge on trending makeup looks, the blog educates the Nykaa woman on all aspects of beauty and makeup. By building trust with its customers through its content, Nykaa has also successfully launched its own line of beauty and makeup products.

GoPro India:
To show its customers what heights and depths their product can withstand, GoPro curates images and videos from its customers. Without exclusively featuring its product, the company promotes itself through the eyes of their customers, thus skillfully targeting potential customers.


With successful social media campaigns like #LetItGo and #OLXBreakupChallenge, global online marketplace OLX engaged with its niche customer base of buyers and sellers with creative insight based on customer needs. By creating content relevant to its audience and a business strategy perspective, OLX managed to motivate its audience to use their service.

The thought-provoking digital campaign #ReleaseThePressure by PepsiCo India for Mirinda aimed at igniting and facilitating a conversation on examination stress amongst teenagers. An integrated campaign launched on social media, microsites, TV commercials, radio and print, #ReleaseThePressure created a lasting impression through its story and supported cause.

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