How do you fit your product into 5 seconds? #DigitalAdvertising

Youtube has become an equally important source of entertainment, more so that movie & TV series trailers are out on Youtube first and television second. Brands prefer airing their commercials on Youtube first owing to how expensive television spots are in comparison.

In the early phase of advertising, a 60 second spot was expensive and therefore 30 second commercials became a big deal. Well, it’s one thing to write crisper content to reach out to the audience in under 30 seconds. But what is becoming a trend and a successful one these days is 5 second ads produced by marketers, so that the audience consumes the content before he can actually press SKIP!


How does one get through to the audience in just 5 seconds?

Statistics say that about 65% of the audience skips pre roll ads as soon as they can. 43% who watched an ad with “high emotion” said they felt engaged by it, versus 32% who were engaged by “low emotion” commercials. While platforms like, Youtube are now helping the viewers avoid ads, brands are having to get smarter by the hour and are finding innovative ways to spread their message before they get ‘skipped’.


Do you keep your content funny, controversial or to the point?

Let’s take a look at some examples to see what has worked for brands across the world, when they tried:

  1. Volkswagen on the launch of their new Beetle, picked a clever way to communicate their car’s smooth gear changing ability. They chose the non skippable type of Youtube ad and communicated that the Car was smart enough to skip the ad for you. Don’t get it? Have a look here:
  2. Horlicks India wasn’t too far behind to adopt the new 5 second pre roll ad. As part of their communication, they treated the ad as a product innovation, saying that the Instant chocolate horlicks powder mixed in milk before you could even skip the ad!
  3. Galaxy India decided to use this type of ad as an opportunity to highlight its infinity display feature. They kept it short by showing the viewers the experience of a music video.
  4. Ford used the 5 second pre roll as a PSA opportunity. Every festive season, South Africa witnessed road accidents and as a result the death toll increased. Ford put on air a 5 second video with a line that said – A few seconds you just can’t skip. Watch here:


Needless to say International brands experiment with their advertising a lot more than the Indian brands do. Whether or not this was destined to happen, it’s all about grabbing the audience’s attention and creatively doing so.

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