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We marry science and art to deliver effective social activity. As your digital agency, we follow an integrated approach to engage with relevant social communities, foster relationships and nurture consumers into brand advocates.


With hundreds of competitors contesting for the same eyeballs, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an essential measure to drive quality traffic to your website and generate promising leads in the process. We ensure that your precious marketing budget is allocated wisely so you can reach out to the right people at the right time and witness measurable results for yourself.


The ladder to high search ranking is marked with intelligent keyword research on every step. Keyword mapping in SEO lays the foundation for measurable results in terms of increased visibility, traffic and leads. Our search specialists go above and beyond looking at search volumes to include other important metrics such as search intent and relevancy and build a cohesive keyword portfolio.


With programmatic technology taking the world of digital advertising by storm, we are now able to buy and sell online media in a highly automated fashion. Programmatic advertising substantially removes the heavy lifting involved in digital media buying and makes space for better ROI through refined targeting and real time bidding.


When it comes to social, mirroring strategies on different platforms doesn’t work out– what works on one may entirely fail on another. This is why our team of social strategists analyzes your business goals and studies the social landscape before we put together a tailor made plan. We follow an integrated roadmap to give your brand context and build its story, which is then narrated differently across different platforms. We specialize in:


  • Facebook marketing strategy

  • Twitter marketing strategy

  • LinkedIn marketing strategy

  • Instagram marketing strategy

  • Pinterest marketing strategy


Paid social is the most effective digital tool to scale up your social presence and realize marketing goals. We use our expertise in social media advertising to breakthrough social communities, spark conversations and deliver measurable results.


  • Facebook Advertising

  • Instagram Advertising

  • Twitter Advertising

  • LinkedIn Advertising

  • Snapchat Advertising


Numbers talk! We use a host of sophisticated social media reporting tools to track ROI and optimize social strategies. By monitoring, tracking and analyzing all-important metrics, we measure the brand’s overall social success and identify resultant business opportunities.


What makes some brands more successful on social media than others is that they recognize their online consumers as people, as opposed to pixels on a screen. By understanding the interests, pains, needs and aspirations of these people, we undertake community building on social media to nurture a loyal group of followers and make them a part of our journey.


The right influence on social media is pivotal to success. As your digital PR agency, we amplify your online presence by getting the right people to talk about you, gain key media coverage, measure earned media, attract referrals and monitor social mentions of your brand.


Conversations are at the heart of social media. We act as your digital eyes and ears to monitor social media conversations and gain key insights about your brand, its competition and audience. All in all, if there’s anything being said about you, we’ll know.


Our creative team uses rich media – images, video, animations and editorial - to combine multiple levels of content and a stronger response.


A brand crisis doesn’t knock before its arrival and your online reputation can make or break your business. We use social listening strategy online reputation management (ORM).


Humanizing a brand is the need of the hour; showing that it has a personality, unique set of traits and most importantly, a social circle can go a long way in doing so. We develop User-generated content or UGC based campaigns to keep your audience engaged, inspired and give them a sense of belonging to foster loyalty.


Real relationships lead to real results. We leverage the power of Influencer Marketing to help your brand grow. By deploying a focused group of social media influencers, we bring your brand’s story to life, activate conversations and amplify campaigns on the right platforms. From selecting, contracting and negotiating, to preparing interesting content and creative design, we support you every step of the way to seamlessly integrate influencers into your marketing campaigns.

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