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Project Utpal




A JCB India CSR initiative, aimed at reviving Indian crafts and craftsmanship, Utpal's visual language brings forward the richness of Indian art and craft, while clean modern typography suggests the importance of welfare, business processes, and sustainable practices for such revival.

With the logo, we looked back at our Sanskrit scriptures and took inspiration from expressions of a blue lotus namely ‘Utpal’, suggesting the blossoming and revival of a craft. The defined form of a lotus in the logo also symbolizes the art of block printing.

The logo typeface has been mindfully kept crisp and clean to represent how Utpal seeks to streamline the manufacturing and distribution process for craftsmen. The muted color story complements the visual identity effectively with the usage of colors such as Blue & Gold. We intended to bring out the minute details of the craft and let the essence of a non-profit organisation shine through.

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