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Meatily Yours

Branding, Signage,
Web Design



With an identity so distinct - Meatily Yours, wholeheartedly depicts the warmth, pure quality, and the most refined taste that the brand aspires to provide and offer to everyone at pocket-friendly prices.


At Socioar, we delved extensively into the ethos of the brand and aimed at highlighting the pure attributes of the products that wholeheartedly focussed on procuring meats ethically and sustainably with an immense focus on quality, taste, & texture.

We worked on the visual representation of the brand so that it can grow further in its industry verticals i.e.marinades, seafood & other meats — with the ease of a dynamic logo, & the right design language. The logo typeface has been mindfully depicted with thin & fat strokes used in the font hinting at the types of lean & fat meats available under the brand’s product offerings.

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